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Mar. 28th, 2020 12:40 am
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April 6 - Regained his reploid body back
June 6 - Regained his electro-magnetic weapon systems back
July 11 - Regained his teleportaion and double-edged saber
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[ Voice ]

It's lonely here. All I have is this tiny communication device.

Guess I could talk to it. Hello little thing.

I noticed quite a lot of the residents to this city got gifts. Guess whoever it was forgot about me, or couldn't give me what I wanted...

Not that I really wanted anything to begin with. Hn.
silver_reign: (Uh?...)

I... I wanted to check up on someone...

Can... can someone get me down from the ceiling??
silver_reign: (Indifferent)

I guess I was hoping that I lost his signal simply because of all the interference.

[Locked to Medic//Unhackable]

Ya know... ya might wanna watch that trigger finger there. Those things hurt!
silver_reign: (Miffed)

This... isn't entirely my scene...
silver_reign: (Wait... No!)

So I -ound Cube, he's safe and soun-.

Gate? I was going to tell you that I... Gate? ...
What's going on?

This isn't funny. Where are you? Answer me!


Hn. Did... did something happen to him? X an- Zero still around as far as I c-n tell... I guess I wanted to tell -ou I'd be at th- ho---tal for a day or two.
silver_reign: (EH?!)

--it... Why the hell did this thing zap me?

Cube? -ube??

Hey... Yer out there s---where I know you are.

Answer -e!

Where are you?!
silver_reign: (Snirk!)


--ng working? Test? Is this thing working?

Ah... there we go. Alright then... SO!

I was sort of kind of thinking again that... that I'd like to start a discussion with the medical staff. Doctors. Those who make fleshlings better.

Or... those who know about them. I mean... so I kind of never showed interest in humans really, let's say I'm bored.

I have a few questions that need answers. That and, I'd like to see if the answers vary or if they're similiar.
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So I got to thinking, shock and amaze I know. The word "team" has that saying... of something like... "There is no 'I' in team."

However, there is a 'me'.

That aside, forgive me if I'm wrong, but a team is usually a group of individuals performing together to complete a task. If this is true... how is it a functional team if some of those individuals are lazy and don't put in their fair share of work?

Is it really considered a "team"?
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They say you learn something new everyday!


Today I learned how many pupcats fit into a bucket.
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I think I've finally figured things out!

At least the plans I have in mind will help kill the time. It gets so monotonous around this place. I'd easily go and stir things up... but... not sure how well that would go over with everyone else.

Some of you people are just so serious. Lighten up.

Though if you ask me... the snow? It can go away now.
It just makes everything all that more boring.
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Who's this... Prussia? I'd like to make myself a pal of sorts.

Name's Dynamo, dunno if we've up and chatted it up or not.

Come to think of it, I'm quite certain there's quite a few of you uh... countries... I haven't had the pleasure to do business with. Though that can be handled at a much later date.

Also... where might I find a box of... crayons?
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Okay Discedo.

You were entertaining for a while. What with the whole... ashes... acid rain... butterflies... snow.

Though really... you've once again run into a rut of nothing!

C'mon. Show me what you can do.

We can play a game. A spar. Whatever you think would fit you best in order to release some tension of this monotony. I'm a mercenary model, and I find myself restless without some manner of an order.

Sealand, give me a task! This place is boring!
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So Gate should've been awake by now, but I think he still needs some rest.

Ah... I put the supplies I found in the highschool, since no one came around to pick 'em up.

In the meantime!...

I'm bored.

Will someone please play with me?
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It's kind of funny really... I tend to forget how blind some of you are when it gets dark.

Or how delicate your lungs are.

All that aside! I'm running a few errands, and I've noticed strange things running about the streets. Am I to destroy those creatures?

Oh! So I'm taking what I've found to the high school... does anyone know who or where... "Moa" is? I've got a few things for this... supply run.

Before I forget, Gate! If you wake up before I get back, don't go anywhere. My ARS aren't quite functional yet, but I think I can help you.
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So I've noticed a lot of new communication going back and forth... and I suppose that's great and everything for some of you but...

Why are we still the only ones of our kind?

Oh well... that aside, is that monster illness over with? There are some things I'd like to go out and do, but I don't feel like risking injury to myself at the time.

There was something else I was forgetting... OH!
I am now a Lord of Sealand.

Still not really sure what I'm supposed to be doing but, whatever!


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